The Zone-Atelier Seine projects

Research projects exceeding the scope of the 3 programs and directly supported by the the Zone-Atelier.

CONSACRE :  CONtinuite écologique de la Seine et interêt des ACteurs pour sa REstauration

The purpose of the CONSACRE project is to analyze the ecological continuity of the entire Seine axis with respect to fish populations, in order to identify action tracks that would reinforce the improvement observed over the last few years. These tracks concern on the one hand the possibilities of developments for the preservation and the restoration of the natural environments, and on the other hand the improvement of the participation of the various publics and actors involved in this issue.

Duration : 2018-2021

Funding : AESN, Région Normandie, Région Île de France

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MacroPLAST : Flux de macrodéchets en Seine

The objective of the MacroPLAST project is to estimate the flow of macro-waste transiting the Seine. Particular attention is paid to plastic debris, also called macroplastics, because 1) they concern most of the litter, 2) they are persistent and are found in the marine environment where they accumulate. As part of the implementation of MSFD, it is necessary to estimate waste streams before they can be significantly reduced.

Duration : 2017-2019

Funding : Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire

PLASTIC-SEINE : Flux et impacts des microplastiques dans l’estuaire de la Seine

The objective of the PLASTIC-Seine project is to study in an integrated way the occurrence and levels of impregnation of the Seine estuary by microplastics (water column, sediment and food web), but also to evaluate their fate and their impact on different levels of the food web. It makes possible to draw up a first inventory of microplastic contamination from Paris to the sea by integrating the data collected in the upstream programs.

Période : 2017-2020

Financement : AESN, GIP Seine-Aval


PHRESQUES : Projet d'harmonisation et de renforcement du suivi haute-fréquence de la qualité de l'eau de la vallée de Seine

The PHRESQUES project aims to harmonize and homogenize the continuous water quality monitoring of the aquatic environments of the Seine Valley. Its main objective is to provide an upstream to downstream integrated view of the state of the hydrosystem, from the upstream part of the Paris agglomeration to the Seine bay.

Duration : 2016-2020

Funding : AESN, Région Normandie, Région Île-de-France


RESET : Rôle de l’estuaire de Seine dans l’écologie territoriale de la Normandie : cycles des nutriments et systèmes hydro-agro-alimentaires

Le projet RESET avait pour objectif d'analyser la trajectoire d'évolution du fonctionnement biogéochimique de la vallée de seine et de son estuaire  en lien avec l'évolution du système agro-alimentaire du bassin versant  de la Seine. Cette analyse a été rendu possible par le développement et l’enrichissement de traitement des données et de modélisation du système (Amstram, GRAFS-Seneque/Riverstrahler, ECO-MARS-3D).

The objective of the RESET project was to analyze the evolution trajectory of the biogeochemical functioning of the Seine valley and its estuary in relation with the evolution of the agro-food system of the Seine watershed. This analysis was made possible by the development and enrichment of data processing and system modeling (Amstram, GRAFS-Seneque / Riverstrahler, ECO-MARS-3D).

Duration : 2013-2017

Funding : GIP Seine-Aval

SASHIMI : Surveillance Active de l'impact de la preSsion cHIMIque par des biomarqueurs

The SASHIMI project aims at defining diagnostic tools for the quality of different water bodies, through i) the development of a methodology to evaluate in natura the exposure for specific organisms of different zoological groups, and ii ) the definition of the basal values ​​(no toxic effect) and thresholds (different levels of toxic effects) for the different targeted markers in the different species The SASHIMI project offers an original way of considering, through an intercalibration of the responses in a range of aquatic ecosystems with their specific species, a diagnosis and a comparison of the quality of very different water bodies over a large geographical scale.

Duration : 2018-2020

Funding : Agence Française pour la biodiversité


BIOSURVEILLANCE : Proposition d’un pilote basé sur l’utilisation de biomarqueurs pour un appui à la surveillance de la qualité des masses d’eau du district Seine-Normandie

The BIOSURVEILLANCE project aims to produce a cartography of the effects on living organisms of the toxicological impact of the multi-contamination of water bodies in the Seine-Normandy district. Complementary to the SASHIMI project, it will enable i) to validate the use of biomarkers as support for surveillance, by deploying on the Seine and other estuaries in association to managers, ii) to build a sustainable approach that can be sustainable transfered to managers.

Période : 2019-2022

Financement : Agence de l’Eau Seine-Normandie