The research platforms

A short presentation of research platforms in Zone-Atelier Seine:

Site Géographie Enjeux Données
Seine valley The Seine valley from Paris to the Seine bay A river ecosystem influenced by a major urban pressure, ecological functioning of a navigated river, urbanization and and use on the valley river flow (passed and present), passed and present river morphology, land use, water quality (continuous data for some parmaters) and sediments, biological populations, contamination of water, sediment and biota.
Orgeval catchment A small catchment in Brie, near Coulommiers Functioning of a small rural catchment and its successive mutations: agricultural mutations  and on-going urbanization water discharges, groundwater levels, rainfall, sol/atmosphere fluxes, (water, heat, greenhouse gases), water quality (nutrients, carbon, pesticides) high frequency data (major ions), agricultural practices, fish populations
Seine estuary From Poses dam to  bay of Seine The rehabilitation of teh ecological functioning of a highly modified estuary

estuarine morphology, hydro-sedimentary dynamics, nutrient cycling, primary and secondary production, food web, abundance and biomass of biological populations, habitat mapping, metallic and organic contaminants in water, sediment and biota, biomarkers, social and ethnological survey


The largest alluvial wetland in the Seine basin, between Romilly and Montereau

A wetland under very high pressure: sands and aggregates extraction, drainage and agriculture, navigation and channelization

groundwater levels, water quality, historical land use, river morphology, history of environmental developments

Orge catchment A highly urbanized watershed on the left bank of the Seine in the Paris agglomeration One of the most urbanized watersheds of the Seine basin, with an area of ​​1000 km2. Urban contamination, run-off dominated hydrology. Re-development of urban damming River flow, soil, water and sediments contamination, continuous water quality date (few parameters).
Marnay - Bougival - Triel A gradient of reference sites along the Seine river axis Contamination, ecotoxicology Sediment, biota and water contamination, biomarkers of fitness and responses to toxicity
Champigny aquifer An important water resource in the south-east of the Paris agglomeration An overexploited aquifer, whose quality is affected by nitrate and pesticides In close collaboration with the Aqui'Brie association, groundwater level and water quality, land use, full scale experimentation of artificial wetlands.